High Net Worth Divorce in New York City

Protecting Your Assets and Your Rights During Divorce

Divorce is a high-stakes situation under any circumstances, but this is especially true for high net worth individuals. Whether you and your spouse both have significant financial assets, or if either of you came to the marriage with substantially more wealth than the other party, you are at risk of losing out in the divorce process. To safeguard your personal interests and avoid an unfavorable outcome, it is highly advisable to retain a New York City divorce attorney early in the development of your case.

Asset protection is of the highest importance in a high net worth divorce. The final settlement can cause life changing effects, largely determining whether you will start your life after marriage in a position of financial security. When you work with Hindin Deutsch, P.C., you will have over four decades of combined experience on your side. Attorney Hindin has been named a Super Lawyer, and is often invited to appear on CNN and MSNBC as a commentator, in recognition of her authority in the field of family law. It is our objective to protect your marital estate.

Factors Involved in High Net Worth Divorces

Factors involved in a high net worth divorce include business valuation, the equitable distribution of assets and debts, inheritances, child support and alimony, tax implications of divorce and the enforcement of any prenuptial agreements or postnuptial agreements which may have a bearing on the situation. It is also important to take measures to shield your privacy if you are involved in a high profile divorce, to prevent intimate details about the proceedings from becoming public knowledge. Retaining a heavyweight in the area of same-sex family law can substantially safeguard your personal interests.

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