Visitation Rights in New York City Divorces

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When parents divorce in New York City, the court will nearly always grant visitation rights to the parent who does not receive child custody. Whether you are seeking visitation or if you want to limit the contact between your child and the other parent, you can substantially influence the outcome of the situation by hiring a respected New York City divorce lawyer to represent you. At Hindin Deutsch, P.C., we strive to provide unparalleled legal representation on LGBT issues in divorce. We will work closely with you throughout the divorce process, guiding you through critical decisions, articulating key issues and explaining your options.

Resolving the matter of visitation will either allow you to have a meaningful relationship with your children or it could force you into a position of obscurity in their lives. The custodial parent has the option to request that visitation be supervised or conducted in the presence of a therapist who will attempt to coach the visiting parent on how to have a healthy relationship with the child. It is even possible to petition to fully deny visitation rights. Your attorney will argue in favor of a visitation schedule which allows you to play the largest role possible in the process of raising your children.

Can I get visitation after same-sex divorce?

It is preferable to negotiate a visitation agreement out of court, as this will allow you to maintain greater control over the process. If the court is called upon to resolve the matter for you, the determining factor will be what appears to the judge as being in the best interests of the children. Our firm can represent you in the months or years after your divorce if you are seeking a modification of court orders to increase your visitation schedule or to gain custody, as well as enforcement of court orders in the event that the custodial parent is interfering with your right to visitation.

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