Child Support in New York

How is child support determined in New York City?

Your divorce will not be finalized until there is an arrangement for the payment of child support. Unless you and your spouse are able to settle the issue out of court, the judge will be called upon to make a ruling on the matter, making use of statutory guidelines. Whether you will have child custody or if you will be required to pay child support, it is of the highest importance to resolve the question in your favor, so that you are not placed in a position of financial difficulty after your divorce. A New York City divorce lawyer for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender can represent you in negotiations and in court, fighting to achieve an outcome which works in your favor.

We are Hindin Deutsch, P.C., a same-sex family law firm with over 40 years' combined experience. Attorney Hindin has earned the respect of her peers with a Super Lawyer rating, and the appreciation of our many clients whom we have helped through the emotional challenges of the divorce process. At our firm, we care to help you find empowering solutions to LGBT issues in your divorce, and will work closely with you throughout this difficult experience.

Fighting for the Child Support You Deserve

The state uses guidelines contained in the Child Support Standards Act to determine how much should be paid by the non-custodial parent, including an exhaustive table which correlates the parent's income to the number of children. The amount is based on the parent's ability to pay, as it is considered that each parent has an obligation to provide for the child's food, clothing, shelter and education, as well as for quality of life amenities. If you discover after your divorce that the child support figure is unworkable for you, it is possible to petition the court for a modification of court orders to increase or reduce the amount, as well as an enforcement of court orders if the non-custodial parent has stopped paying.

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