Enforcement of Court Orders in New York

If your former spouse is causing you problems by refusing to comply with the court orders governing your divorce, you should not attempt to resolve the matter on your own. You ended your marriage so that you would not have to continue fighting and arguing with your spouse over broken agreements and conflicting points of view. Now that you have legally enforceable court orders to define the terms of the relationship between you and your ex-spouse, you can get the legal system on your side in a dispute.

A New York City divorce attorney from our firm can represent you with your former spouse and in court, sparing you the necessity of heated arguments and confrontations. Our clients know that we are hard-hitting advocates, and we will fight tirelessly to protect your personal interests as well. You have a right to demand that your ex-spouse abide by the terms of your divorce settlement.

Enforcing Your Court Orders in New York City

The family law judge will support your claim for enforcement on any type of court order, provided that you can prove that your former spouse is acting in violation. If you are owed maintenance or child support, the judge may order penalties such as wage garnishment, driver's license suspension and even an arrest warrant. It is also possible to seek intervention from the court if your right to visitation is being tampered with by the parent who has child custody, such as by cutting your visits short or scheduling other activities over your time with the children. You can additionally petition for enforcement of a court order if your former spouse is threatening to make a long-distance relocation with your children, and you want to protect your rights to shared custody or visitation by blocking the move.

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